Performance + Dependability

At the speed business is done, you can not afford to have a computer, a printer, or a network down.  Herc Networks gets you up and running and keeps you there. With Herc, you enjoy the freedom to concentrate on the real business at hand – yours.

Herc Networks provides an IT department to companies that are too small to have a full-time employee handling their IT and would benefit by expensing IT management to firms like ours. Like any good IT department, our firm provides network design, build out, and maintenance. Also, we can be hired to fix existing networks, design a new network for a startup, expand an office network to multiple locations, relocate an existing network, design your own secure work-from-home system, or audit your network disaster recovery procedure, or audit your network security system. We have expanded our business to include wifi roll outs for hotels, schools, airports, and municipalities.